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About us

"Tezpur.org", an N. G. O. based at Tezpur, Sonitpur, Asom has been contributing to the creation of an environment conducive for the healthy growth of the economically backward population of Asom in general and Scheduled Caste population in particular.

It has committed to make people aware of various programmes launched by Central State Government and to implement them properly for the benefit of the rural unemployed masses.

It organizes and conducts skill development training, conferences on new skills and various innovations and thus supplements the monthly income of the families living below proverty line.

To empower woman and lead a child to his/her better tomorrow is another prime goal of this N. G. O.

It also undertakes work for the purpose of environmental care.

The N. G. O. has its own activity area at Tezpur for nursery, fishery, duck and chicken farming, aquatic tourism with facility for training in the line of vocational trade.

The N. G. O. has its own engineer in the rank of Project Director for conducting best practices to drive away proverty and hunger of the down trodden population of our society.

The N. G. O. is now on its way to motivate people, form self help groups, and skill development training to meet the goal of Prime Minister’s call for creation of 50 (fifty) crores skilled people by the end of 2013.

Board members :

         Chief Director :   
         Managing Director :
         Project Director :

Executives :

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Contact with us:
By phone : + 91 90202 66554
By e-mail: info@tezpur.org
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